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Dress Code

Dress Code


Dear Parent(s),

     Listed below are some basic uniform reminders. We will be strict on uniforms this year.

Thank you!

Shirts- Polo’s, short or long sleeve, must be plain red, black or white and must have a collar. Boys are permitted to wear white button up dress shirts and girls are permitted to wear white blouses.

Skirts and Jumpers- Black or Khaki. If wearing plaid skirts or jumpers, they must be purchased through the School Belles uniform company.

Pants and Shorts- Must be uniform style black or khaki. Leggings, skinny pants, cargo pants, lack jeans and yoga pants are NOT permitted.

Shoes- Tennis shoes must be mostly black or white with no bold colors. Students can wear boots to school on a snowy or cold day but must change into uniform shoes once they get to school. If boots can be covered with their pants, they can keep them on, as long as they are solid black or brown. Girls are not permitted to wear boots with skirts or dresses.

Socks- Boys- with tennis shoes, plain white or black athletic or crew socks. Dress Socks- brown, white or black.

Girls- knee socks or tights- plain black, red or white without any designs. Plain white or black athletic socks can also be worn with tennis shoes.

Hoodies are not permitted! In case that your child is cold, he or she will be permitted to wear a solid red, black or white zip-up jacket, not a coat. Uniform sweaters are also permitted in solid red, white or black.

Belts- Students in 1st-4th grade are required to wear a belt with pants or shorts that have belt loops. The belts must be solid black or brown. Glitter belts are not permitted. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

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