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The forms are interactive. You can open, complete, save, and print the forms. They will need to be printed and signed before being delivered - along with your credentials - to your superintendent's office. All forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 or higher. You may install this free software by clicking the button below.


Although we try to ensure the information found here is current and accurate, please be aware that in the event of a discrepancy, the version on file at SCS Board Office shall always be considered the official version.

Renewal Procedure

Call Jayme at the Board Office (282-3767, ext. 5) to schedule an appointment for an FBI and/or BCI fingerprinting background check. Background checks are $25 each and can be paid by cash or check. Please make checks payable to Steubenville Board of Education.

BCI and FBI requirements:


BCI is only done once, FBI is needed every five years


BCI is needed every five years, FBI is needed every five years

Turn in an organized CEU binder containing all approved CEU's as well as Form A to an LPDC member. If you have taken college courses, turn in OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS as well as Form A with a copy of your current license to be renewed.

Go on-line to The Ohio Department of Education website and sign on to your SAFE account to fill out your application and pay your licensure fees with a credit card.  * Use LPDC IRN #013553.*

Inform an LPDC member you have paid your licensure fees, so your application can be submitted for an e-signature approval by LPDC. *Just because you have paid your licensure fees, does NOT mean you have been approved for a new license.*

Turn in a copy of your new teaching license, a copy of your old teaching license and IPDP. Copies of your license can be found in your safe account.

Steubenville City Schools District Goals 2018-2019

1. We will improve through instructional strategies, curricular design and intervention the academic performance of all students as measured by state and local assessments.

2. We will provide targeted professional development to facilitate school, teacher and student performance.

3. We will maximize our resources to benefit our educational program and community.

4. We will enhance communications that will create greater understanding and good will within the district and community.

*See your building principal for Building Goals

LPDC Committee Members

Joe Biasi – Chairperson
Teacher – High School
(740) 282-9741
[email protected]

Sarah Elliott – Secretary
Director of Special Education
(740) 283-3767
[email protected]

Ted Gorman
Principal – SHS
(740) 282-9741 ext. 1105
[email protected]

Tiffany Mills
Teacher – Pugliese West
[email protected]
(740) 264-1590

Anthony Defrances
Teacher – Harding Middle School
[email protected]
(740) 282-3481

Please submit your documentation to any of the above LPDC members for approval.

Meeting Dates

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Tuesday, February 16, 2020
Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Tuesday, Aprils 21, 2020
Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Tuesday, June 16 2020 at 10:00a.m.
Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 10:00a.m.

Time of Meetings:  3:00 p.m. 
Place of Meetings:  Board Office


If you participate in any workshop that is provided by the Steubenville City Schools, you do not need pre approval of the workshop.  You need to fill out Form C (front side only) and send it to the LPDC Committee for approval. When you fill out Form C, make sure you send a copy of the certificate you received at the end of the workshop with all your other information or have the administrator in charge sign Form C. Keep all CEU papers until you renew.

License Renewals

In order to renew a current license, you must have successfully completed 6 semester hours of graduate credit or have 18 approved CEUs. 
10 hours of professional development equals 1 CEU. 
Every teacher renewing will receive 1 CEU Service Credit per year employed by Steubenville City Schools up to 5 Service Credits.
When you receive your license or certificate, a mandatory Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) is to be developed and submitted to your Local Professional Committee (LPDC). This plan should be submitted to the committee by the October meeting. If you renewed last year, you should have one on file.

LPDC Notes

All LPDC forms can be accessed on the SCS webpage.
Informational videos for renewing your license can be found on the ODE website (licensure section).
If you have any questions, feel free to contact any member of your LPDC or Jayme Browning (740) 283-3767, for assistance. 
If you would like to meet with the entire committee, please contact the Board Office to schedule a meeting.
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