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Steubenville City Schools

Supply List

Preschool  1st Grade
Crayola Crayons Bookbag (please no wheels)
Crayola Washable Markers #2 Pencils (4-packs & no pens or mechanical pencils)
Baby Wipes (3-containers) Plastic enclosed Pencil Sharpener
Paper Towels (4-rolls) Large Erasers (4)
Tissues (2-boxes) Crayons (3-packs of 24 count crayons)
Playdough (2-packages) Scissors
Sandwich Size Ziplock Bags Pencil Box
Clorox Wipes (4-containers) Plastic 3-ring binder (please no larger than 1")
Bookbag (full-size big enough to hold a folders) *Yellow Plastic Folder with 3-holes to fit in binder
Glue Sticks (4-sticks) *Blue Plastic Folder with 3-holes to fit in binder
*Please send a change of clothes for your child. The change of clothes must be Uniform appropriate. This would inclue underwear, socks, shirt and bottoms! *Green Plastic Folder with 3-holes to fit in binder
**Please put your child's name on all supplies! Tissues (3-boxes)
Kindergarten Antibacterial Wipes
Bookbag (Full-size big enough to hold a folders) Glue Sticks (4-sticks)
Crayons (3-boxes) Dry Erase Markers
Bottle of Glue *Folders MUST be plastic so they last all year.*
Glue Sticks (6-sticks) 2nd Grade
Sharpened Pencisl (2-packages) Bookbag
Scissors Pencil Box
Tissues (2-boxes) Pencils (2 packages- no mechanical pencils)
Clorox Table Wipes (3-containers) Glue Sticks (4-sticks)
Antibacterial Wipes (2-containers) Crayons (2-boxes)
Paper Towels (1-roll) Scissors
Pencil Box Erasers (several)
Sandwich Size Ziplock Bags Markers
Gallon Size Ziplock Bags Binder (color of your choice)
  Solid Color Folders (3 folders with 3 holes any color mix and match
  Kleenex (3-boxes)
  Girls- Container of Disinfecting Wipes
  Boys- Container of Baby Wipes
3rd Grade 4th Grade
Loose Leaf Paper (2 packs) Bookbag
Single Subject Notebooks (4 notebooks) Pencils & Erasers
Folders (2- different colors) Pencil Sharpner with lid (not battery operated)
Pencil Sharpner (small and please no battery operated Pencil Box
Ruler Loose Leaf Paper in a Folder
Glue Sticks (several) Crayons
Erasers (several) Scissors
Markers/Crayons Highlighters
Pencil Case Tissues (2 boxes)
Scissors Lysol or Clorox Wipes (2 containers)
Baby Wipes (1 container) *Optional- Headphones or Earbuds to be used in the Computer Lab. Please place in a plastic baggie with student's name on it. The School has some available for use but they may have been used by previous students)
Clorox Wipes (1 container)  
Tissues (3 boxes) (these will be needed throughout the year)  
Highlighters (several yellow)  
Hand Sanitizer  
Paper Towels (several rolls)  
Multiplication Flash Cards  
Headphones/Earbuds for computer (optional- if you don't want your child to share the same ones as others use)  
**Please label all of the school supplies with first and last name. Pencils and tissues will be needed during the year and may need to be rebought.  
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