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Girl's Basketball

Girl's Basketball

Girls Basketball
  • 8th:
    • Jeff Petrelle
  • 7th:
    • Emily Barletta

Schedule for 2019-20 (PDF)

 DateOpponent Time 
 Monday, 12/2/19@ Oak Glen 5:30 pm 
Wednesday, 12/4/19 @ New Martinsville 5:15 pm 
Wednesday, 12/11/19 vs Beaver Local 5:00 pm 
Tuesday, 12/17/19 vs Bellaire 5:00 pm 
Wednesday, 12/18/19 @ St. Clairsville 5:30 pm 
 Friday, 12/20/19Wheeling Classic 5:15 & 6:15 pm 
Monday, 12/30/19 @ Martins Ferry 5:30 pm 
Thursday, 1/2/20 vs St. Clairsville 2:30 pm 
Saturday, 1/4/20 @ Beaver Local 11:00 am 
Tuesday, 1/7/20 @ Bellaire 5:30 pm 
Thursday, 1/9/20 vs Triadelphia 5:00 pm 
Saturday, 1/11/20 vs Carrollton 11:00 am 
 Tuesday, 1/14/20vs Martins Ferry 5:00 pm 
Thursday, 1/16/20 vs New Martinsville 5:15 pm 
Tuesday, 1/21/20 vs Oak Glen 5:00 pm 
Thursday, 1/23/20 @ Triadelphia 5:00 pm 
TBA Bellaire Tournament TBA 


vs Brooke (11/26)
 8th Grade  ...... 7th Grade 
 HMS 35 - Brooke 14   HMS 42 - Brooke 2 
 Olivia Gibas12   Madalyn Criss11 
 Gionna Boley11   Aniyah Warner
 Sydney Matyas10   Sabria Jones
 Synammon Montgomery  A'Honisty Gadsden
    Aujunae Robinson
    Az'jha McGee
    Madison Cooper
    Hailey Parker
@ Martins Ferry (11/28)    
 8th Grade  7th Grade  
 HMS 9 - Martins Ferry 46   HMS 7 - Martins Ferry 41 
 Gionna Boley  Madalyn Criss
 Olivia Gibas  Sabria Jones
 Katie Valentine  Aujanae Robinson
 vs St. Clairsville (12/5)    
 8th grade  7th grade  
 HMS 22 - St. Clairsville 33  HMS 30 - St. Clairsville 21  
 Sydney Matyas  Sabria Jones16 
 Olivia Gibas  Madalyn Criss14 
 Gionna Boley   
 Corina Mayo   
 vs Beaver Local (12/11)    
 8th grade   7th grade 
 HMS 18 - Beaver Local 28   HMS 16 - Beaver Local 18 
 Sydney Matyas  Aniyah Warner 7
 Olivia Gibas  Sabria Jones
 Gionna Boley  Madilyn Criss
 Milana Bressler  Madison Cooper
 @ Bellaire (12/18)    
 8th grade  7th grade  
 HMS 5 - Bellaire 35  HMS 15 - Bellaire 33  
 Gionna Boley  Aniyah Warner11 
 Olivia Gibas  A'Honisty Gadsden
 vs Martins Ferry (1/3/19)    
 8th grade  7th grade  
 HMS 19 - Martins Ferry 9  HMS 28 - Martins Ferry 36  
 Sydney Matyas13   Aniyah Warner12 
 Olivia Gibas  Madalyn Criss
 Gionna Boley  Ashley Cochran
    Sabria Jones
 @ Beaver Local (1/5)    
 8th grade  7th grade  
 HMS 9 - Beaver Local 16  HMS 15 - Beaver Local 14  
 Sydney Matyas  Madalyn Criss
 Katie Valentine  Sabria Jones
 Olivia Gibas  Ashley Cochran
 Kamryn Liggett  Aniyah Warner
 @ Carrollton (1/9)    
 8th grade  7th grade  
 HMS 26 - Carrollton 30  HMS 21 - Carrollton 40  
 Sydney Matyas11   Madalyn Criss13 
 Gionna Boley10   Aniyah Warner
 Olivia Gibas  Sabria Jones
 Katie Valentine  A'Honisty Gadsden
 vs New Martinsville (1/16)    
 8th grade   7th grade 
 HMS 27 - New Martinsville 29   HMS 36 - New Martinsville 27 
 Sydney Matyas15   Madalyn Criss24 
 Gionna Boley  Aniyah Warner
 Olivia Gibas  Aujanae Robinson
 Katie Valentine  Ashley Cochran
 @ New Martinsville (1/24)    
 8th grade  7th grade  
 HMS 26 - New Martinsville 20   HMS 37 - New Martinsville 38 
 Sydney Matyas  Madalyn Criss17 
 Gionna Boley12   Sabria Jones
 Katie Valentine  Aniyah Warner
    Madison Cooper
    A'Honisty Gadsden
 @ Bellaire Tournament (2/5)    
 8th grade   7th grade 
 HMS 25 - Bellaire 30   HMS 37 - Union Local 22 
 Katie Valentine12   Madalyn Criss19 
 Gionna Boley  Aniyah Warner11 
 Milana Bressler  Sabria Jones
 Olivia Gibas   
 @ Bellaire    
 8th grade    
 HMS 18 - Bellaire 32    
 Sabria Jones10    
 Aniyah Warner   
 Ashley Cochrane 4   

Season Recap - 7th grade

The 7th grade girls’ team finished the 2018-2019 season with a record of 5-13. The team struggled early but picked it up a bit over Christmas Break by defeating St. Clairsville in an overtime barn-burner 34-33. The Lady Stallions also defeated Moundsville Middle in come from behind fashion with a 22-21 victory. 
The 7th grade girls faced many tough opponents this season along with a lot of adversity, but never once gave up. The highlight of the season was an opening round win in the Bellaire Tournament against a tough Union Local team by the score of 37-24. In the victory, Madalyn Criss led all scorers with 19 points, Aniyah Warner added 11, and Sabria Jones chipped in with 7 points. 
The 7th grade Lady Stallions ended their season with a loss in the tournament to host Bellaire by a score of 32-18. The coaches would like to wish the girls good luck in the Spring and they hope to see them all out again next season.

Season Recap - 8th grade

The Harding 8th grade girls’ team finished the 2018-2019 season with a record of 3-16. The girls worked extremely hard the entire season . 
After losing to a very good Bellaire team at Bellaire by the score of 35-5 earlier in the season, the 8th grade Lady Stallions fought back in the rematch by beating Bellaire weeks later by the score of 21-17. In the victory, Sydney Matyas scored 8 points, Gianna Boley had 6, Katie Valentine 4, Corina Mayo 2, and Milana Bressler finished with 1. 
Coach Petrelle and Coach Barletta want to thank the 8th grade girls for their hard work and effort this season and would like to wish them the best of luck next season at Steubenville High School. 
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